Dorina, 2019

In collaboration with Marthe Ramm Fortun for Tegnetriennalen 2019, Tegneforbundet, Oslo. HD Video, stereo. Duration: 7’45’’ 

The video, made in collaboration with my partner, is a reinterpretation of Carol Rama’s “Dorina” (1940), a drawing featured in the exhibition “Drawing-The Bottom Line” (S.M.A.K. Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent, 2015), where I was executing performances on a daily basis at the time when our daughter was born. In our memory, Rama’s drawing was titled “Leda and the Swan”, depicting Leda strangling the animal, rather than being seduced by it. Being inspired by such a myth-reversing figure, a woman able to overcome a dangerous situation, we named our daughter after this heroine. When we later tried to get this work on loan as part of an exhibition we were working on, we discovered that the actual title of Rama’s drawing was “Dorina”, and that the association with the myth was a projection of ours. The video Dorina (2019) reinterprets the absent drawing, the loan of which was refused by the Carol Rama estate.