Drawings by the Artist as a Child as (Well as) Many Others, 2018

Site-specific installation and cycle of four performances for the Kristiansand public library. Painted wood platform, boxes, table, markers, crayons and pencils, facsimilia of the artist’s childhood drawings collection, drawings made by the visitor. Platform: 1,5 x 250 x 600 cm. Boxes: 40 x 40 cm each. Table: 70 x 90 x 45 cm. Facsimilia: 19 x 28 cm each. Performances: variable duration.

Once a month, during the exhibition period at the Kristiansand Kunsthall, I presented anecdotes, reflections, tryouts, findings, exercises and questions inspired by personal memories and my childhood drawings. The performances took place within a drawing area specifically designed for the public library and its users, a context to share stories and thoughts while drawing together, fostering fruitful contaminations. Drawing is both a source of pleasure and a tool that can be used to shifts categories such as pupil and master, past and present, memories and fiction, personal and collective, contemplation and action.

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