Pink Glass Swan, 2022

In collaboration with Marthe Ramm Fortun at HFKD Huset for Kunst og Design. Enclosed room, drawings on paper, 18 hand painted and silkscreen printed silk banners, 16 of which stitched together, modelling clay sculptures on operating robotic vacuum cleaner, tapestry and performance. Various dimensions and durations.

In collaboration with Marthe Ramm Fortun, Pink Glass Swan is a reinterpretation of our previous exhibition Leda og svanen (Tegnetriennalen 2019, Tegneforbundet, Oslo) where we reflected on the drawings made by our daughter on the walls of our studio during a residency in Cite des Arts, Paris 2018. Including new pieces, the new constellation further explore the freedom and limitations of parenting and co-working as artists. Bursting the romantic and gendered myth of the artist, only able to create when liberated from all responsibility, we assert that responsibility, care-taking, and commitment create artistic content, analysis, and meaningful labor.