Those I May See Again, 2020

Among them
there were those who listened to me
those who kept a professional attitude
those for whom it felt like going to therapy
those who sought to deviate from their daily routine
those who were supportive
those I assumed were exploited
those I assumed were underprivileged
those who wanted a more appropriate compensation
those who wanted newer equipment
those who wanted more collegiality
those who wished to spend more time with their family
those who wished they had a family
those who walk in the forest
those who are football fans
those who are lonely
those who are handy
those who are patient
those who are shy
those who are curious
those who are ready for the next step
those who are still looking for it
those whose life is improving
those who plan their retirement
those whose dreams had to be put aside
those who had to start over
those I was afraid to disappoint
those I may see again

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