Twelve Months, 2023-2024

Twelve Jacquard-woven tapestries on a foldable room divider, twelve videos projected onto the tapestries in AR. Worsted wool, polyester, mercerized cotton, galvanized steel, video, digital tablet, AR app. Installation: variable dimensions. AR film: 12 parts, 1’ each.

The project Twelve Months (2023 - 2024) is based on twelve tapestries depicting men weaving at their loom, captioned by personal notes revolving around artistic labor and everyday life as interconnected spheres. Every month, during a year-long period, a tapestry from the series has been inserted into different contexts, ranging from domestic settings to public spaces, from social situations to remote locations. They have been worn as a garment or a blanket, used as a sun shield or a beach towel, or included in artistic actions and still-life compositions. They have been presented in art exhibitions, hanged in the forest, or carried around in a bag and shown on a one-to-one basis, thus functioning as a conversation starter. The project is presented as an installation where a film in 12 chapters - each projected on the respective “tapestry of the month” through AR technology - can be watched with a digital tablet available to the audience at the exhibition space.

The film is interspersed with new notes reflecting on the year-long experience, adopting note-writing’s peculiar fragmentary stratification of language and temporalities as a compositional principle. A video notebook rather than a video essay, where clips, notes and voiceover - separated yet interconnected elements - reflect different treatments of time as well as different points of view in relation to what is narrated and who is narrating it. In this sense, the film reflects on the peculiar qualities of note-writing; a versatile relation with time (writing to fix a moment in time, writing for future use, retrieving a previous thought), but also a generative, transformative, poetic potential, beyond mere recording and retrieving purposes.