Apology Note, 2018

Thank you family and friends, colleagues and supporters, citizens and fellow beings, present and future acquaintances, to welcome me as an immigrant, as a friend and as an artist. I do use the local resources, I contribute to overpopulation and gentrification, I am not good with giving speeches, I discuss about politics or religion in public, creating discomfort and annoyance in situations that require assimilated social codes. I want to apology about that. Moreover I am aware that I give little contribution to the national economy, that my presence increases the perceived and factual heterogeneity of society, that the resulting complexity requires additional efforts to accept, adapt, understand different behaviours, priorities, languages, as well as to provide administrative solutions. I am sorry if my Norwegian is still quite bad, if I am ravaging your language when I try to speak, contributing to its slow but sure impoverishment. I am sorry if I use English, causing frustration among those complaining about the anglophonization of society. Please be tolerant, there are a lot of foreign artists around. In the art field, mobility and insecurity are quite commonplace.

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