Vocational disobedience, 2018

I did some maintenance work in the street where I live. Cleaning a wooden utility pole from old tape and staples, restoring a house plate or a piece of sticker art, replacing a missing screw or hanging up again a poster that was about to fall off. I went unnoticed, except when she asked me what I was doing; I am cleaning this utility pole, as if it was the most natural thing. That kid could tell that it was not as simple as that. The same way a specialised art audience knows that there is always more to it than meets the eye. As a voluntary unpaid service, I was responding to a moral obligation. Don’t let yourself be fooled, that  doesn’t exclude the fact that it made me feel good about myself. Please consider my actions as a form of compensation, for I am aware I am not producing a substantial contribution to the national economy. I am aware I didn’t do anything to deserve your trust regarding this matter but I nonetheless dare to claim spiritual and material support, appealing to your sympathy and tolerance. Please consider my actions as a token of my engagement and honesty. They illustrate the extreme consequences I am willing to face in order to demonstrate my determination. I truly appreciate your trust and understanding.

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